NOPD: Privacy For Me, But Not For Thee

Did you know the Miranda warnings have been amended? The new version reads

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. On the other hand anything I say is private, and if you try to record it in any way, I’ll beat your ass and arrest you for wiretapping.

Ridiculous, huh? Pretty outrageous double standard, that. I mean, cops are public officials. Paid by public funds. They carry out their duties, most of the time, in very public places. No way in the world should anything said by a cop during the performance of his public duty be considered his own private matter.

Yet, in New Orleans, that’s apparently the case. They can film or record you, the private citizen. But you can’t do it to them, the public officials. In light of this, the ACLU is calling for more training to avoid these confrontations.

Unfortunately, it ain’t just New Orleans. Nationwide, cops have not only hassled and aggravated people who record them, but have actually arrested the recorders. What’s needed here isn’t better police training. This isn’t a few rogue officers; the official procedure in many jurisdictions is to arrest people who record police officers. What we need is a firm word from SCOTUS upholding the First Amendment and keeping public officials of all types fully accountable to the public.

(That said, given the authoritarian and police worshipping nature of the current court, I’m not real sure I want any of these cases to get there)

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