What Do Rick Perry And The Westboro Baptist Church Have In Common?

They both want to let BP off the hook. First Perry proudly declared that the crisis in the gulf was the work of God. Now the inbreds from Kansas have seconded the Texas governor, sending a letter to PBJ declaring:

Dear Gov. Jindal, every citizen of Louisiana, and every member of the so-called “Christian Nation”:

God is dealing with you to your face. You have angered Him and now He is fighting against you. You have adopted policies of disobedience and perversion: abortion; same-sex marriage/domestic partnerships; divorce and remarriage. You have called Him a liar and taught your children that He does not mean what He says.

You did not heed the warning of Katrina, delivered directly and powerfully in kindness to provoke your repentance. Instead, you have arrogantly beat your breast and declared that you have the power to rebuild even stronger, and have added more idols to your overflowing bag. And when we kindly directed your attention to that true and righteous judgment of God, and implored you to repent and obey, you increased your rebellion by passing laws to shut us up.

Now look what you’ve done: You will soon be over-run by a nasty, ugly, stinky, choking mess, which is just perfect — it is exactly what you are to the eyes and nose of the LORD your God.

I think my favorite part is when they tell us God smote us with Katrina, in kindness. How sweet of him.

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3 Comments on “What Do Rick Perry And The Westboro Baptist Church Have In Common?”

  1. Darla Wells Says:

    According to this kind of “Christian” and I am using the word extremely loosely, no one is Christian enough. It doesn’t matter what they do or say or how they feel about God, nobody is good enough for them. They are just another soulless rotten hate group with a mean-spirited agenda.

  2. draftsonyou Says:

    “…and the Lord did grin.”

  3. KC Says:

    I think the Westies should be the only church that should be ‘snake handling mandatory’….

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