Why I’ll Never Live In The Country

Sure it’d be nice to have all that room, to walk out your door into the woods, to be free from all the regulations and hassles that come with city life. Problem is, everyone is free from those regulations:

[Clay] Carter lives off Tooke Road near Lake Bistineau in southern Bossier Parish. Though technically a public road, Tooke Road is hardly more than a driveway that, until three months ago, served only the four or five houses next to Carter’s.

“A regular car coming down the road used to wake me up,” Carter said. “I’m used to peace and quiet. I usually don’t hear anything but crickets chirping. Now, I’ve counted 18 vehicles coming down it in a single hour.”

Carter’s life changed when J-W Operating Co. began clearing an acre or more of land only 542 feet from Carter’s front door. To access the site, a 24-hour barrage of industrial vehicles, some weighing more than 100,000 pounds, travel along Tooke Road feet from where Carter had built his barbecue pit.

Carter’s grass, house and vehicle are covered in a constant blanket of dust from the activity. . . .

Truck traffic isn’t Carter’s only problem. During the “fracking” process, by which drilling companies inject super-compressed of water and sand into the shale rock, thus fracturing it and releasing natural gas, Carter said he would hear a sound akin to a jet engine or tornado, sometimes in the middle of the night.

Not to mention the vibrations that shake his house at all hours of the day. But hey, we can’t do anything about the rig’s destruction of this guy’s home, because, you know, that’s what the hippies would want. The owner of the land on which the rig sits can use his property however he wants. It’s called property rights. Also, if we made the oil company compensate Carter, they would go bankrupt, leave the area, and put millions of people out of work. So there. Carter can rest easy knowing his sacrifice is saving us all.

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