The Two Party System Really Sucks

No sensible person can deny how outrageous this is:

This week the Supreme Court denied, without comment, the appeal of Maher Arar, a dual citizen of Canada and Syria who was arrested in transit through JFK airport in 2002, then shipped off to Syria and tortured for 10 months. Arar’s abuse allegedly included repeated beatings with electrical cables and confinement in a cell the size of a grave. When they realized they had the wrong guy—the really, totally, and utterly innocent guy—Arar was released without charges. He was then completely exonerated of any link to terror by the Canadian government, which impaneled a commission to investigate the incident, issued a 1,000-plus-page report on the matter, held its own intelligence forces responsible for their role in the screw-up, then apologized and paid Arar $9.8 million. Whereas the U.S. government—as Glenn Greenwald observes—has never apologized, never acknowledged any wrongdoing, never held anyone responsible, and, on President Barack Obama’s watch, has only redoubled its efforts to prevent Arar from having even a single day in court.

Yet despite the clear injustice, nothing will ever be done about it.

Scotus just avoided any responsibility. The Democrats won’t criticize Obama, obviously. The Republicans won’t, either, in spite of the absolutely outrageous nature of his attempt to cover up this whole situation, and in spite of their alleged love for small government and individual liberty. If you want to cry tyranny, or fascism, here’s the best example you could ever find. But no, they can’t slam Obama for the cover up, because it was George Bush who committed the crime. Besides, siding with a guy named Maher Arar would, in the eyes of the average Republican voter, be the same as supporting Osama.

For both parties, the party trumps what’s right. I expect that. Still, you hope that some situations might be obvious enough that even a politician would do what’s right. God, this depresses me.

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One Comment on “The Two Party System Really Sucks”

  1. Jim Says:

    It is discouraging and sickening. All the two parties care about is power, all of the attacks over their ‘differences’ are only about gaining power. They are totally corrupt.

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