Colorado Town Bans Bikes

I don’t get the irrational hatred some people have for cyclists.

Every rider I know can tell you all kinds of stories about driver’s doing everything from honking and yelling to throwing things to even shooting at cyclists. Just yesterday, on the way back into town, several of us had stopped at a red light. The light turned green, so we all began clipping into our pedals and rolling through the intersection. Apparently, we didn’t rocket off the line fast enough for the guy behind us, who immediately laid on his horn, before using the turning lane to loudly accelerate around us. Then what does he do? Go another fifty feet up the road before parking at Holy Trinity to attend Mass.

I don’t tell that story to make churchgoers look bad. I tell it because I was amazed that we could be so offensive, that even someone on the way to celebrate his love of God and people could lose all sense at the sight of us. Churchgoers have no monopoly on anger, either. We get every morning from people on the way to work in downtown office buildings. On Ellerbe Road and 175, Truckers will try to get as close as possible. Avoiding high schools in the afternoons is a good idea. Any kind of person can lose their mind at any time.

Why? This is a completely irrational hatred. At most, a cyclist might make a driver spend an extra thirty seconds waiting to safely pass. In the case of the guy on the way to Mass, it was probably five seconds. The emotions are way, way disproportionate to the alleged offense.

I say alleged, because in every state I know, cyclists have the same right to the road as do cars. At least, we used to:

A town in the US has banned cyclists on most of its streets, punishing anyone who gets caught with a $68 (£46) fine. Black Hawk in Colorado, which has a population of just above 100, is thought to be the first town in the US to make cycling illegal after a change in civic law.

The town claims the law is to protect cyclists, but that’s crap. If that was the goal, they could have added bike lanes, or lowered speed limits, or passed a three-foot ordinance. This is the result of the same mindset that causes drivers to scream “Get the f**k of the road” as they zoom by at fifty miles an hour. It’s nothing more than an irrational hatred for two wheeled travel.

Several organizations plan to challenge the law in court. Good luck to them.

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7 Comments on “Colorado Town Bans Bikes”

  1. D. Palmer Says:

    Cycles do not have license plates, they do not have liability insurance, they do not pay road use taxes.
    Cyclists do abuse the priviledge of shared road use. They rarely stop at lights or stop signs. They bunch up and block lanes rather than riding single file impeding the flow of traffic.
    So take your complaints somewhere else. Use common sense or get off the road.

    • Hot Momma Says:

      What in the world are “road use taxes”? As a car driver, I don’t believe I’ve ever paid such a thing. And drivers also sometimes speed, drive carelessly, cause accidents, talk or text on cell phones while driving and otherwise make themselves a menace. Not all drivers, but some. Using that same logic, some cyclists are pains on the road, but not all of them.

  2. Wheeler Says:

    i bet you’re fat.

    and thanks for nicely illustrating exactly what i posted.

  3. D. Palmer Says:

    Road taxes are paid at the pump when you buy fuel and I am not fat, but you are simple. I am not against bicycles, just arrogant riders and the streets are just as full of them as they are incompetent drivers

  4. wheeler Says:

    dumbass, i also buy gas.

    and look, even if everything you said in your initial comment is true – which is isn’t – your anger is still irrational. bikes just do not cause car drivers any kind of real problem. at worst, once in a blue moon, you might have to wait maybe thirty seconds to pass a bike. nothing else we do effects you.

  5. Justin F. Says:

    I would first like to say that this comes from the perspective of a Chicago resident. My wife and I own 1x Car, 1x Motorcycle, and 1x Bicycle.
    I think the D. Palmer has a valid point. Motorist pay a crap load more in taxes that go towards repairing roads, among other things. Taxes are added per gallon at the pump, I pay each year to renew my license plate, city/parking sticker, inspections, the list goes on. Bicyclist simply do not. But, semi-trucks pay higher surcharges due to the damage they do to the roads and highways. Bicyclist simply do not do the damage to roads that a car will. But, the point can also be made that they contribute nothing, and want full use of the road. The something for nothing case can also be made.
    Now, I will say that in the loop, I am weary of bicyclist. I have witnessed a bicyclist going the wrong way down a one way street, blow through the light @Adams & Wabash and clip a pedestrian. The cyclist didn’t even bother with a sorry or anything. If the pedestrian was female/elderly the cyclist would have wore his bike home. He was not, so I let him speak on his own behalf.
    I think that if bicyclist wants full use of the road, they should be subject to the same penalties and fines as a motorist would if blowing a light, going the wrong way on a one way street etc.The point is made that cyclist don’t harm cars, but they can still harm pedestrians.

    Some valid points can be mode on both sides. But to simply say one side is right and the other is wrong, well, that’s bigotry.

    I will be the first to admit: When I’m on the bicycle, I hate cars. When I’m in the car, I hate bicycles. When walking, well, I hate everyone. lol
    Happy road-sharing folks.

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