Everything’s Bigger In Texas, Especially The Idiots

They long ago banned same sex marriage, but just to be sure, the Texas GOP, in their official platform, wants to make it a felony for any Texas official to issue a marriage license or perform a marriage ceremony for a gay couple. They also want to re-criminalize sodomy. So you can be gay in Texas, but no marriage or sex.

Even worse than the policies is the “rationale” behind this flaming foolishness:

“We believe that the practice of homosexuality tears at the fabric of society, contributes to the breakdown of the family unit, and leads to the spread of dangerous, communicable diseases,”

No doubt, there are specific gay individuals whose behavior could do all those things; hell, I’m related to one of them. You know what else? For each gay person who behaves in those ways, there’s probably thousands of straight people who do the same. Either way, the problems are the same, but there’s many, many more heterosexual people in Texas, meaning they’re causing more problems. So, Texans, if you really are stupid enough to think banning marriage and sex will solve these problems, you ought to be banning marriage and sex for everyone.

But of course, this platform is not an intelligent policy statement. It’s red meat dragged across the cages of the most ignorant among us.

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5 Comments on “Everything’s Bigger In Texas, Especially The Idiots”

  1. Jim Says:

    That’s what David Vitter and Larry Craig said a couple of years ago when they co-sponsored the Defense of Marriage act.

  2. Alicia Todd Says:

    You should call the one your related to back so we can talk instead of writing.

  3. Wheeler Says:


  4. Alicia Todd Says:

    I guess that means you don’t plan on calling me back. How long would you like to play this stupid game?

  5. […] free and equal than anywhere else in the world. And I also believe that despite the best efforts of the worst among us, we’re moving in the right direction. And the more we establish those ideals of liberty and […]

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