Shreveport Television Shows

Tonight’s episode two of The Gates. We only watched the first because it was filmed in town. Not that it mattered. The location is Southern Trace, a gated development of cookie cutter Mcmansions that could be in any city in any state in the country. In other, words, you ain’t gonna recognize anything as Shreveport. Still, knowing it was filmed here grabbed our attention. Unfortunately, nothing kept it. It was forty minutes of stereotyped characters, predictable plots, and needless melodrama. Ugh. I may watch again for episodes seven and eight, filmed at the home of a guy I ride with, and – according to him – featuring plenty of attractive women in small bathing suits, but otherwise, The Gates was one and done.

True Blood is also new tonight. This is much better. The show is set near Shreveport, and parts were filmed here. So you’ll not only hear familiar names, but see familiar locations. In the opening credits, for instance, there’s a victorian house that once housed an after hours bar at which I had many a good time. The show itself is good, too. The wife got me hooked on the Sookie Stackhouse books, and though the show departs from the books, it’s still good. They’re like Twilight if Twilight was readable or watchable. In fact, if you read the Sookie Stackhouse books – which precede Twilight – you’ll have a hard time not accusing Twilight of being really bad plagiarism. In any event, the amount of boobies would make up for a much worse show.

Not that it’s perfect. The breasts are great, but I don’t know how many more shots of Jason Stackhouse’s bare ass I can take. Also, though set in North Louisiana, much of the scenery seems more South Louisiana. Lots of cypress trees and swamps, which we have, but we’re known as the “piney woods” region for a reason. I guess the producers either had, or knew most viewers have, an idea of what Louisiana is like, and decided to cater to that, authenticity be damned. But the worst part of the show isn’t the misleading scenery, it’s the horrific accents. Imagine someone imitating someone with an Australian accent trying to do a rural southern accent. It’s painful. They’d have done much better to let the actors just use their regular voices. Still, the show is worth watching.

Finally, if you want excitement, if you want authenticity, if you want to see Shreveport, there’s only one show on television to combine it all: Billy the Exterminator. To start, if you wanted to make a show about a guy who fights bugs, I’m seriously doubt you could find a better location than Louisiana. Not that it’s only bugs: Snakes, gators, beavers, squirrels, raccoons, anything you can imagine. In addition to the authentic critters, Billy’s business is a family one, and his family is oh-so-southern. Everyone from down here will recognize at least one of their relatives in these “characters.” You’ll also see plenty of recognizable locations in town. Last night, we watched an old one that featured a bee infestation at First Baptist Bossier. Billy is also an inspiration. Imagining what Billy would do, I recently found and annihilated a couple of red wasp nests in my attic. In short, I can’t recommend this show enough.

So there you go. We ain’t much of a town, but we got a bunch of t.v. shows.

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