Bobby Jindal And BP

I haven’t followed our governor’s actions very closely. Still, from the news I have read, he’s appeared impressive. Especially given the responses of state leaders to the immediate east and west of us, which toe the GOP line by mostly licking the boots of BP. Jindal, it seems, actually knows what’s going on and has actually tried to help the situation. So, for a while, I’ve meant to do a post giving him a thumbs up.

But now maybe I won’t:

new revelations and a close inspection of the facts suggest that Jindal’s sound and fury is little more than political grandstanding for the Fox News set, and it serves to obscure Jindal’s own serious failings in the spill response effort. While Jindal has been relentless in attacking the federal government for dragging its feet, he has delayed the deployment of National Guard troops, led a crusade to build artificial sand berms that most experts say won’t work, and confused the planning of the spill response. Moreover, experts said his “antagonism could actually slow down that response.”

The accusations are well supported in the full article. Worse, Jindal – Mr. Open Government – recently vetoed a bill that would have made all his office’s BP communications public. That, obviously, makes it look like he’s hiding things.

Oh well, at least he isn’t blaming God and apologizing to BP.

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