Kagan Will Make A Great Conservative Justice

Prior to this week’s hearings, I already opposed her, knowing she’s weak on free speech, blurs the line between church and state, and loves her some executive power. Worse, I knew no one would question her about any of those things. The Democrats can’t, because she’s their President’s nominee. The Republicans can’t, because they share those views; she’s much more similar to Alito or Roberts than any of the “liberal” justices.

So far, it looks like my fears were correct. For two days we’ve had nothing but empty rhetoric about humility, or impartiality, or deference to congress. The closest to any substantive questions have been a few accusations that she hates the military.

The worst part? If – given her extremely troubling record – this is all the opposition party will throw at her, I fear it’s because they know she’s an authoritarian just like they are. The GOP has to act like they oppose her, but in truth, they know she’s fairly conservative. That means she’ll easily be confirmed, and we can look forward to who knows how many more years of a court that, in the vast majority of non-second amendment constitutional cases, will always side with the government and against the individual.

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3 Comments on “Kagan Will Make A Great Conservative Justice”

  1. Jim Says:

    Agreed. She will be right at home with Alito and Roberts, they never saw an executive abuse that they didn’t love.

  2. Lurker Says:

    I hope you like your veggies!

  3. […] We’re not perfect, of course. Ask any gay person whether merit alone wins equality. The atheists among us can testify to how well we treat all people equally, regardless of creed. The drug war is evidence against any presumption of liberty in this country. Speech is constantly attacked from politicians and busybodies of all types, even potential Supreme Court justices. […]

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