Why I Love My Wife

Yesterday, upon returning from a trip to the bike shop, I described this:

Being married to a bike geek, she knew exactly what would come shortly after the description. Yet, instead of shutting me down immediately and decisively, she listened to the whole story – even the stuff about internally routed cables and an integrated computer – and then told me, and I quote, “You’re not getting a new bike until we get a new television.”

That’s right she didn’t say “You already own five bikes and there’s no way in hell you’re getting another one.” Nor did she say “thirty five hundred dollars? Are you crazy?” She didn’t even make the condition something like a new washer and drier, or a new oven. Nope, in order to enjoy a sweet new lightweight carbon ride, all I have to do is go buy a new 42 inch LCD television. Good thing I throw around nickels like manhole covers, or Ian (owner of my local shop) and Best Buy would love me today.

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2 Comments on “Why I Love My Wife”

  1. raviner Says:

    As someone who frequently sits in front of that antiquated tv I have to agree with Hot Momma’s stance. Also, it’s always nice to see some appreciation for your beautiful better half. : )

  2. mom Says:

    It’s time to throw the manhole cover and buy the tv.

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