Heat Advisory, What Heat Advisory?

Those are just for the old, the young, and the weak. And the people with some sense.

Being none of those, I went for run this afternoon, in temperatures closer to one hundred than ninety. Not much fun. The route was one of my standards, a flat five miles from the house around Querbes Park and then back through Broadmoor to the house again. Normally I run it in 37-38 minutes. Today: 42. Granted, I’ve run once in the last five month, and that was a 5k. Even so, I think the temperature was the problem. The first mile didn’t hurt very badly. After that, I just kept thinking, surely the temperature will suddenly drop by twenty degrees. It didn’t. Instead, I arrived home so soaking wet that I had to rinse my shorts before putting them into the laundry. I also re-learned why I usually stick to the bike in the summer.

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