I Think The Heat Is Helping Me Keep Fit

As the start of school approached, I worried about getting fat and lazy. School starts too early for me to run, or ride, or do anything at all beforehand. As for after school, I hate running or riding in the heat, so I figured I would not get much exercise afterwards, either.

Turns out, evenings aren’t so bad.

Actually, they are bad. Really bad. So bad that I don’t want to go outside and do anything that would normally be pleasurable. That is, no taking the kids to the park, or walking the dog, or hanging out in the back yard. None of that would be fun in near hundred degree temps. Each ought to be pleasant and relaxing, which is impossible if you’re sweating buckets.

Running or riding, though, are hot and sweaty activities anyway. So, if it’s hot as hell, I might as well do something that I expect to make me hot even on a good day. In other words, I’ve been running and riding in the evenings because there isn’t anything else to do. No matter what, I’m going to be miserable, so I might as well embrace it.

I think I’ve even improved a bit. Tonight, I ran my best miles since last winter. It was only four, but I averaged right at eight minutes a mile. Best of all, each mile was faster than the one before it. Ditto my last two bike rides. After being fat and lazy on our summer trip, I’d felt sluggish my first few times back on the bike. These last two though, have been propelled by strong feeling legs.

Of course, none of this should be taken as evidence that I like this weather. I’m looking forward to cooler weather as much as anyone. I’ve just figured out how to cope.

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