Licensing Day Cares Is Anti-Family?

Thus says the Louisiana Family Forum, one of the more execrable organizations you’ll find in this state, in its legislative scorecard.

The issue is whether church run day cares ought to be exempt from state licensing requirements. I celebrated when that bill died, as I thought it unfair to only deregulate church day cares, while leaving all others still subject to state licensing requirements. I also thought it a bit silly to presume that day cares would successfully regulate themselves. Had I been a legislator, I would have received an “anti-family” score for that vote.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think it makes me “anti-family” to want some authority limiting the number of kids per teacher, and inspecting the premises for health and safety issues. Yes, parents need to inspect these places, too. I’m not excusing them. I’m asking for inspections in addition to the work parents already do when they pick a day care. In other words, I want more protection for children, the LFF wants less. Again, not sure how that makes me “anti-family” while their position is “pro-family.”

Unless, of course, the real goal of the Louisiana Family Forum is advancing some other agenda, for which the vague word “family” is a pretext. If you read the whole scorecard, you will realize that is a likely conclusion.

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