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Why Does Caddo Commission President John Escude Hate Christians?

September 1, 2010

For a while now, the right wing in this country has led an all out assault on Traditional Christian Families. Movement leaders Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh have seven wives and five divorces between them. In clear contradiction of the Bible, that’s something other than death causing a lot of parting. Of course, there’s plenty of lesser luminaries who’ve followed their lead. Closer to home, we have David “Diaper Dandy” Vitter. The assaults aren’t just on marriage, either. Bobby Jindal wants to make it easier for the Pope’s minions to sodomize our children. The misnamed Louisiana Family Forum wants to prevent children from having proper medical care.

And now, we have our own local leaders joining the war. Here’s Caddo Commissioner John Escude speaking about good church going people, as he discusses the fourth district congressional race between Dr. John Fleming and David Melville, pastor of First United Methodist in Bossier:

I’d rather keep an ex-naval officer and business man in office fighting for the soul of this nation than send one who makes a living preying on the fearful and week minded sheep in his flock.

Even for a conservative, a member of a movement that has attacked and belittled Christian values for years, that is a shocking statement. Never mind that he’s supporting a man who has majored in money over a man who has  majored in God’s word. The true insult is that John Escude considers you, good people, to be “fearful and week minded sheep.”

Well, I have news for him. Yes, True Believers are fearful, but only of the LORD. Paradoxically, our fear of HIM makes us STRONG. In thanks, we will use that strength to glorify HIM. And of that, John Escude ought to be afraid.

So, all good Christians, get your posterboards ready and go march against the devil’s agent on the Caddo Commission: John Escude. Or, if that’s too much trouble, send him an e-mail ( and let him know that while he may love mammon, you love God, and John Escude ought to be fearful that he’s soon going to be out of a job.

P.S., That, John Escude, is how you do sarcasm.