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Louisiana College’s Local Law School

September 2, 2010

The promised fundamentalist law school will soon be a reality in Shreveport.

I’m happy to have something that big in downtown. Hopefully it succeeds and the students’ spending leads to new retail and such in downtown.

Still, I don’t think much of the idea.

For one, Louisiana already has four fully accredited law schools. This one won’t be accredited for years. In the meanwhile, there won’t be much reason to pick LC over the four accredited ones. Sure, anyone could, but going to a non-accredited law school is kind of like going to med school in the Dominican Republic. You get the degree, but not the respect. That means the people who attend LC will be people who, for one reason or another, could not attend a real law school. LC will have to fight for left overs.

That doesn’t seem like a path to success, but LC’s president, in a statement I thoroughly critiqued, here, promises to make this a Christian law school like Liberty, Jerry Fallwell’s school. That might help, as it gives them a niche. They’ll be creating the type of lawyers who can go work for organizations like the Alliance Defense Fund.

Unfortunately, those are also the type of lawyers who have little to do other than scuttle the constitution. There just is no way to do Christian contracts, or tax, or torts, or property, or criminal law. There is, however, a strong Christian version of conlaw:  filing religious liberty cases with Christian plaintiffs and defending establishment clause cases with Christian defendants. There’s also a soft spot for the second and tenth amendments. The rest of the document might as well not exist. In all other situations, these kinds of lawyers are indistinguishable from the rest of the pack, though probably a bit dimmer.