“When We Get Bigger, We Will Like Beer, Too.”

Those were my three year old son’s exact words, spoken yesterday in the grocery store as I tried to decide on a good Labor Day beer. Went with the High Life, and responded “If you’re anything like your Dad, you certainly will.”

That exchange made me laugh, but it made me think, too. Kids will always ask what you are drinking. I’m sure some parents avoid questions about alcohol by not drinking in front of their kids. Other might give alcohol code names like “Mommy’s special juice.” Me, I’ve never hid it; I never will. If they ask, I tell them, whether it’s beer, wine, or bourbon. Alcohol is healthier than your average soft drink. The dangers are in uncontrolled excess, and my theory is that normalizing it will help them avoid that danger. In this neck of the woods, at least, the message seems to be you can either be a responsible adult, or a drunken loser. The truth, of course, is it is perfectly possible to enjoy tying one on now and then, and still be a more than productive member of society. I’m an example of that, one I hope my kids will learn from.

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One Comment on ““When We Get Bigger, We Will Like Beer, Too.””

  1. KC Says:

    that’s the way to handle it….but both of my college aged kids are now bartenders…(but also on the Dean’s list)

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