My Dog And I Are Depressed

We’ve been dog and car sitting all weekend, and now both gave to go home. Both belong to my sister-in-law, who’s been in Dallas, enjoying a concert and other big city activities, I’m sure.

Why have I had both all weekend? Well, because my car crapped out on my way home from work Thursday, blowing out a spark plug. It’s done it before, but this time the threads were stripped, so the repair requires a bit more than just putting the plug back in. Hence, my car was out of commission Friday. Normally, that would not be a big deal, I’d just have to drive the mini-van to school. This time, though, the wife and kids were supposed to head out-of-town Friday, meaning, obviously, she needed the van. In stepped my sister-in-law, who was riding with friends to Dallas, and who kindly let me borrow her car for the weekend. In appreciation, I agreed to watch her dog, Stanley.

So, rather than spend my bachelor weekend stuck at the house, or cruising in a mini-van, I lived it up in a Ford Mustang. Meanwhile, my dog, Allie, got to hang out with her best friend. Throw in thee days of non-stop football, and it was a pretty nice weekend.

I know it’s pathetic and clichéd – I’m a male in my mid thirties with two kids – but a Mustang may be my next car. It’s not like we ever take my family car on family trips; the mini-van is for that. Ninety nine times out of a hundred, I’m the only one in the Taurus. As for the cost, I’m buying used, and there are tons of late model, low mileage cars available. I’d have no problem affording a GT with under 25,000 miles. In short, it fits our lives and I can afford it, so why not drive something fun?

Anyhoo, last time Stanley stayed for more than a few days, when he went home, Allie moped around enough afterwards that we took her to the vet, concerned she was sick. Nope, the vet said, probably just depressed. As for me, I enjoyed the Mustang enough to spend a few hours yesterday test driving similarly impractical vehicles, including a Camaro and an Infiniti G37. Liked both, especially the Infiniti, but not as much as the ‘Stang. Unlike my dog, I won’t need medical attention, but I am going to be depressed when I get back into my own car.

Aww, how sweet.

Even sweeter.

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2 Comments on “My Dog And I Are Depressed”

  1. mom Says:

    Looks like it belongs in your driveway 🙂

  2. KC Says:

    it is “you”

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