A Hundred? WTF?

Not only today, but triple digits through f’ing Monday. That’s not heat index either, that’s straight up temps, well over ten degrees above normal, and near record highs.

Man, I’m sick of this weather. Tonight, I ought to be putting on shorts and a long sleeve shirt to go enjoy some high school football. Instead, I’m debating whether the game will be fun enough to justify sweating my ass off in steam bath conditions.

Making the enduring heat worse, last winter was nothing but rain and freezing cold. Then, with no transition period, since last April it seems like every day has been ten degrees above normal. In other words, we went immediately from cloudy days with highs in the forties to sunny days with highs in the nineties. And it’s only gotten hotter since then.

It has to cool down eventually. But if the cool down becomes another winter like last year, I swear to all that is holy we are selling the house and moving out of state. I need a few weeks of decent weather a year, and so far, this whole year has sucked.

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2 Comments on “A Hundred? WTF?”

  1. mom Says:

    Promise!! 🙂 I really, really, really vote for PA but I’d be happy to settle for VA or NJ too.

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