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Mayoral Race: Wooley 1, Glover 0

September 22, 2010

Glover’s answer when asked about red light cameras:

I think that red light cameras are certainly worthy of discussion and debate. Whether or not we should use them should be determined by a vote of the City Council, but not without a comprehensive public hearing allowing for public input.

Wooley’s much better answer:

At this time, I have reservations concerning the use of the red light cameras. I know that all over the country that there are cities that have now begun to question their efficiency. I believe with proactive policing and patroling that we can address these issues. We have more officers now that we have ever had in Shreveport, but we need to have them on the streets and not behind a desk.

I’d prefer an unequivocal no, but Wooley’s presumption against is probably as good as I’ll get, and much better than Glover’s open minded approach.