So I Spoke Too Soon On Wooley

I gave him props for opposing red light cameras.

But then Ron Webb endorsed him. To me, that has the same effect as Oprah endorsing a book. It’s not that I won’t read it, but I’ll have a strong presumption against it.

Now this posted around one of Shreveport’s black neighborhoods:

No comment necessary.

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4 Comments on “So I Spoke Too Soon On Wooley”

  1. Lurker Says:

    It was a successful event. The people there loved it. So what’s the problem? You’re a white person getting offended for blacks who weren’t offended in the first place.

    And you put that above policy you favor?

  2. wheeler Says:

    sure most of the people who showed enjoyed it, but that hardly means no one was offended. presumably not everyone who saw the sign arrived. probably quite a few saw it and thought it was ridiculous.

    in any event, yeah, when someone stereotypes people and flat out bribes them for votes, i do think that weighs against them.

  3. wheeler Says:

    enough people thought it was ridiculous that a candidate for council from that district confronted wooley at a meeting:

  4. Lurker Says:

    I wouldn’t say Mr.s Lee’s confrontation with a bucket of chicken and a 40oz was the result of “enough people” being upset. Idiots will act like idiots even if they’re alone. He’s running for City Council and playing the race card to try and win favor.

    Wooley didn’t stereotype anyone. The event was organized by a black woman who lives in the black neighborhood, who owns wings’n’more. She chose wings for the food item because in the black neighborhood where her business is located, wings are a pretty popular item.

    Since when is it racist to serve someone food? If you had an event with a group from China, you would have chinese food, Mexico/mexican food, Italy/italian food. Black people? You’d better as hell not serve chicken. How about a nice racially neutral meatloaf and some potatoes? Thank God Wal-Mart was all out of watermelons, we have a nice kiwi for you.

    You want racism to go away? Stop calling “racist” at stupid menial things like a menu.

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