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And People Used To Kill Each Other Over This Crap

September 28, 2010

This will be surprising only if you’ve never been a regular church-goer:

More than four-in-ten Catholics in the United States (45%) do not know that their church teaches that the bread and wine used in Communion do not merely symbolize but actually become the body and blood of Christ. About half of Protestants (53%) cannot correctly identify Martin Luther as the person whose writings and actions inspired the Protestant Reformation, which made their religion a separate branch of Christianity. Roughly four-in-ten Jews (43%) do not recognize that Maimonides, one of the most venerated rabbis in history, was Jewish.

Even less shocking, atheists and agnostics know more about religions that the adherents do. Why? I completely agree with this theory:

American atheists and agnostics tend to be people who grew up in a religious tradition and consciously gave it up, often after a great deal of reflection and study, said Alan Cooperman, associate director for research at the Pew Forum.

“These are people who thought a lot about religion,” he said. “They’re not indifferent. They care about it.”

But hey, I bet the faithful all know that the homersexshuls are evil!

“One Tubby, Tubby”

September 28, 2010

Actually, lots of tubbies:

Bad news for the state of Louisiana. For the third straight year, Louisiana schools have earned an overall grade of “D” in the area of children’s physical activity and health. That means our kids are leading the nation in obesity.

They’re not leading by a little, either:

Statistics show more than 47% of Louisiana children between ages 2 and 10 are overweight or obese. Nationally nearly 17% of American children and adolescents are obese.

Interesting, but I still think its none of my business how fat someone else’s kid is. Yes, the resulting poor health has a societal cost. And yes, the poor parenting that results in all that lard is making the kid’s life harder. I just don’t think either problem is bad enough to justify the insane amount of nanny-statism that would be necessary to fix the problem.