“Daddy’s Old Car” Replaced By “Daddy’s Sports Car”

Alternative titles to this post:

“I’m too cheap to buy a new bike, but  . . .”

“Steph, this is your fault.”

“Before Lighting McQueen, there was Steve McQueen.”

“I bought the bullitt.”

All the same way of introducing my new car:

It’s a 2008 Mustang GT Bullitt, purchased with 17,000 miles on it. Basically, the Bullitt is a GT with more horsepower and fewer  decorations (it also has its own club). Here’s a review if you want more pics and information.

I am absolutely, completely, totally and with no doubts whatsoever in love with this car. Until now, I spent my entire driving career behind the wheel of a 1994 Nissan regular cab pickup, and then the 2000 Taurus, the latter of which my three year olds referred to as “Daddy’s old car.” In short, I’ve never had a car that was anything close to high performance or attractive. Now, oooooh baby, I got both in spades.

The reviews all say 0-60 in five seconds. All I know is that it melts the tires even shifting into third gear. The handling is sweet, enough that I’ve detoured onto extra curvy roads just to enjoy shifting gears as I fly around corners. Add the leather seats, outstanding sound, and gorgeous interior, and this car makes me want to drive at all hours. But the best part is the sound of the motor. Not too loud, but the perfect low rumble that a muscle car ought to make. Love it, love it, love it.

As for appearances, the Bullitt is a low profile Mustang. No stickers, no hood scoop, no spoiler, the car doesn’t even have the pony on the grill. It’s subtle and stunning at once. Thus far, every adult I know, from car buffs to soccer moms, has heartily approved. My own kids now refer to my ride as “Daddy’s sports car.” Most significantly, the hardest to please of all demographics – teenagers – also universally approve. Every one of my students who has seen it has called it “clean,” “sweet,” “fine” or some other admiring adjective.

There’s really no extra cost to all this, either. So far it gets better gas mileage than the Taurus did. The insurance is nothing outrageous. The kids won’t fit in the back seat for much longer, but we make all our family trips in the mini-van, anyway. Now, one of my students did raise a significant objection, when he said “Man, just promise me you ain’t gonna put no bike rack on top of that car.” I promised that would never happen. That means I either have to use the van to carry my bikes, or, I could attack a hitch and use a hitch rack. Then nothing is visible except when the bike is on.

Speaking of costs, here’s the craziest part of all. My first car, the 1994 Nissan, was probably no more than twelve grand. But, being a nineteen year old male with no down payment and no credit, the note and insurance combined ate about half my wages at the time. Now? I’m a middle aged male with a clean driving record and perfect credit. Add a decent down payment, and my note and insurance for this Mustang are seventy bucks a month less than what I paid for that Nissan every month.  There are some benefits to being old.

In the interest of fairness, I suppose I ought to list some drawbacks to this car. Right now, all I can say is that this thing is going to be very difficult to replace.

Finally, if you didn’t get the McQueen reference, here’s where the car got its name:

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5 Comments on ““Daddy’s Old Car” Replaced By “Daddy’s Sports Car””

  1. Andrea Says:

    Shit. I realize I’m the soccer mom. Wow.

  2. wheeler Says:

    but only in the technical sense.

  3. Hot Momma Says:

    Yeah Andrea, but you’re the coolest soccer mom I know 🙂

  4. Andrea Says:

    Second coolest right behind you. We might have tied for first, but then Jed had to run off and buy this car and now you clearly win.

  5. M Says:


    I really liked your post! I have one too and know exactly how you feel. I love that car.

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