I Hate People

This happened in my neighborhood, I saw the emergency vehicles while I was at the park with my kids:

A teenage girl was rushed to the hospital Wednesday night after her bicycle collided with a car.

It happened at Preston and Grover in Shreveport’s Broadmoor neighborhood.

Witnesses say that a 15-year-old girl was traveling at a high rate of speed when she ran into the car, which had just stopped at a stop sign.

The teen was rushed to the hospital with non life-threatening head injuries.

Her fault? Probably, though the article also says “The crash is still under investigation.” And, of course, a “high rate of speed” for a fifteen year old cruising the neighborhood is probably about ten miles an hour.

Still, whoever might have been at fault, some of the comments to the story are pretty sick:

hope they give her tickets for speeding,
failure to maintain control,
careless operation of a bike,
maybe that will be a lesson for these bicyle riders that have no respect for motor vehicles,

And another:

She should have been watching what she was doing. People on bikes, especially the ones who wear those nasty tights and such, get on my damn nerves. They take up half the road and won’t move over. Thats why I keep full bottles of water, cokes, etc in my car so I can throw it at them when I pass by one. I nailed one right in the back of the head the other day!! Cracked me up! LMAO.

Anyone who could write something like that about an injured fifteen year old is nothing but a useless piece of shit.

Note, please, I am not complaining about “drivers,” but certain kinds of people. I have no problem with cars, or drivers. I own a car; I drive it every day. I have a problem with  trash like these two. People who would still be assholes no matter if they walked, rode a horse, took a bus, or drove a car. Unfortunately, they do drive cars, and people like me have to deal with them.

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