It might be the multiple beers and tequila shots talking, but I’m starting to think maybe it is better to be Les Miles than good. Yes, it was another ridiculous ending, but the Tigers are still undefeated.

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3 Comments on “LSU! LSU! LSU!”

  1. Jim Says:

    LSU – #1 in SEC conference play. The only other 6-0 team is Auburn, but they are only 3-0 in conference play, while LSU is 4-0.
    Whatever Les’ system is, I’ll take it!

  2. KC Says:

    clearly a Faustian bargain has been made somewhere, sometime… is either that , or to paraphrase the Ole Ball Coach “God smiles on Les”…I don’t think it can be anything in between!

  3. wheeler Says:

    but someday the debt’s gonna come due, right? i mean, this can’t last. can it?

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