How Not To Get Shot By The Police

Pretty sure if Chris Rock updated his routine to include ways to avoid getting shot, this would be on the list of things not to do:

John Morneau for years had worn a revolver on each hip, along with his signature black hat, bolero and western jacket. He was a staunch defender of the Second Amendment. Arkansas State Police said agents from Arkansas Game and Fish Wildlife and a Miller County sheriff’s deputy were sent to arrest Morneau on warrants charging him with first-degree assault, criminal mischief and second-degree harassment. They came into contact with Morneau on private property adjoining his home site, State Police said. The wildlife agents and the deputy told State Police they identified themselves as law officers and Morneau pointed the guns at them. One of the officers then shot Morneau with a rifle, killing him.

Someone watched too many westerns.


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2 Comments on “How Not To Get Shot By The Police”

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  2. Daniel R Keele Says:

    The truth has a way of working itself to the surface. I encourage anyone with facts or information that may lead to the truth to contact me at 877-290-2250. I am the lead attorney representing the Morneau family. I welcome your thoughts, suggestions and information directly.

    Things are not always what they appear at first. Stay tuned.

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