Why This Independent Won’t Vote “R” Any Time Soon

I’ve already explained why the Democrats are dead to me. So why the GOP, too? In short, I’m not saying all Republicans are bat shit insane, but it sure seems like most of the bat shit insane politicians are Republicans. Consider the following recent examples, which came to mind after about ten seconds thought on the subject of bat shit insane Republicans.

Carl Paladino, R hoping to be Governor of New York. Paladino, a guy who gets off sending female-on-horse porn to friends, and who has also fathered an out-of-wedlock love child, gave a ridiculous speech Sunday in which he attacks gay people as child abusers and his opponent for attending a gay pride event.

Christine O’Donnell, R hoping to become a Senator from Delaware. She has security clearances and connections in China that aren’t even possessed by the President, meaning she knows firsthand– though he doesn’t – that China is secretly plotting to take over the United States.

Sharon Angle, R Senate hopeful from Nevada. According to Angle, Sharia law will soon be the official legal system in the United States. In fact, she says, one town in Texas and another in Michigan have already implemented it. This, even though the former does not exist, and the Mayor of the latter disagrees.

Rich Iott, R Congressional nominee from Ohio. He likes to take part in Nazi reenactments. As one of the bad guys. Only they aren’t bad guys, they’re “idealists.”

Jim DeMint, R Senator from South Carolina. No word about sexually active single men, but DeMint would ban from the teaching profession both sexually active single women and homosexuals.

There are issues about which reasonable people can disagree. The efficacy of the stimulus package or the bank bail outs are two examples. The health care bill is another. I’m sympathetic to Republican positions on these issues.

Unfortunately for the GOP, none of the examples in my list fit into that category. This is idiocy of the highest order. There aren’t two sides to Paladino’s comments. Gay people who raise kids do just as good a job, if not better, than straight people, and are no more likely to abuse children. If you think otherwise, you are wrong in the same way as someone who thinks two plus two is five. Ditto DeMint’s proposed policies about teachers; there’s no factual basis for his fears. It’s pure ignorance and bigotry. (They’re also blatantly sexist, as he makes no mention of promiscuous men.) O’Donnell peddled the kind of demagoguery that works with the uneducated: “China’s coming to get you!” Then when called on it, responded in a way that made her seem delusional: “B-b-but I have super top secret information.” She’s proud of her ignorance. As for Iott, I mean, really? You emulate a fucking Nazi? Finally, if you really think Sharia law is a threat to this country, there’s nothing I can say to change your mind, because your mind is not involved in the debate.

I’m sure that plenty of Democrats have spouted equally stupid things. Again, I don’t mean simply positions with which I disagree, but totally bat shit insanely WRONG ideas. As of right now, though, I can’t think of any. Maybe that means I’m a liberal hack, who’s insulated myself from all contrary positions. Or, and this is what I prefer to believe it means, while the Democrats have some bad ideas, the Republicans have decided to make themselves the party for bat-shit-crazy ideas.

Note I said, “for,” not “of.” I have no doubt the GOP has plenty of legitimate thinkers and legitimate ideas. The problem is, the nonsense makes me much less likely to trust them on any other issues. Thanks to morons like Angle, O’Donnell, Paladino and DeMint, when I hear Republican, my first thought is “idiot.” Again, not all, or even most, Republicans are idiots. But the branding done by those who are is terribly hard to overcome. Why should I listen to the party’s answers to complex issues when so many of the answers to simple ones are insane?

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2 Comments on “Why This Independent Won’t Vote “R” Any Time Soon”

  1. KC Says:

    P.J.O’rourke may be on to something with his new book titled “Don’t Vote, It Just Encourages The Bast@#ds”

  2. Wheeler Says:

    i feel a bit guilty, because i am a social studies teacher, but that’s my usual approach.

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