Based On No Evidence Whatsoever, Bossier Police Stop, Harass Over Four Hundred Harmless People

Why isn’t that the headline to this story:

Police said officers checked 432 vehicles during the three-hour checkpoint Monday afternoon. They wrote 24 tickets for no seat belts and 12 more for not having children in child safety restraints. Officers also wrote 17 citations for other various non-moving violations.

That’s 432 separate vehicles. All interrupted while trying to go about their day and conduct their own business. All forced to stop, produce identification, registration, and proof of insurance and then wait to be released. All of this without any individual suspicions of wrongdoing.

Out of those people who were unjustifiably detained, only twelve were arguably engaging in conduct that could harm someone other than themselves. The others were either only endangering themselves – the seatbelts – or posed no danger at all – the non moving violations. That’s 420 people who were either totally innocent or totally harmless, who were stopped, annoyed and detained in order to ticket only 12 guilty and dangerous drivers.  For the mathematically challenged, that’s a ration of 35-1.

Oh well, what’s that old saying? Better that ten innocent persons suffer than that one guilty person escape? That’s how we roll around here, anyway.


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3 Comments on “Based On No Evidence Whatsoever, Bossier Police Stop, Harass Over Four Hundred Harmless People”

  1. Andrea Says:

    12 for not having children in restraints? Seems like good enough reason to me. I’m frequently blown away by how many kiddos I see simply wandering around a car while it is moving. Not okay.

  2. KC Says:

    2.8 % hardly justifies it..

  3. Andrea Says:

    I think .00001% would justify it when it comes to kiddos. Besides that, assume maybe one out of four of the cars actually had a kid. That makes that percentage go up quite a bit when it comes to child safety.

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