KSLA Learns Lesson, Changes Program Interruption Policy

Received the following e-mail from the station manager:

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns about the way KSLA News 12 handled the weather interruptions during the LSU-Auburn game.

We heard you loud and clear.

Since Saturday, we have closely examined what happened and reevaluated our emergency program interruption policy.

Effective Wednesday, October 27 we now have a new policy in place. The goal of the policy is to warn those in the path of the storm, and at the same time, serve those viewers not directly affected by the emergency. The new policy will keep program interruptions to a minimum.

During Tornado Warnings, our Meteorologists will interrupt programming to quickly alert those in the path of the storm. Within one minute, we will either return to full programming of the game or use an improved split screen technique so the audience can still watch the action on the field while our Meteorologists continue to give important information. We will get back to full programming as soon as we can.This is different from our former policy where we would stay on with our weather interruptions throughout the entire Tornado Warning…which could last for several minutes and even hours.

I apologize for the way we mishandled the LSU broadcast. We will do better.

James Smith
General Manager
KSLA News 12

Nice job admitting a mistake and correcting it. Now I feel much better about the Alabama game. Well, the coverage, anyway.

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