What If Glover Smokes Pot?

That’s Bryan Wooley’s charge.

Glover, of course, denies it. The “evidence” is an accusation in a divorce proceeding made by the wife of a third party. In other words, a friend of Glover’s – an attorney who does business with the city – and that friend’s wife are in the middle of a divorce. In a set of interrogatories (short written questions), the wife asks if the friend ever smoked pot with Glover. The answer is sealed, and thus unknown and the source of much rumor-mongering.

In a just world, I would not care at all what the answer is. That’s a very different attitude than the average Shreveporter, though. The mere fact that the Mayor tokes would send most people over the edge, screaming “OMG, Drugs! The DARE officer told me in second grade that people who do drugs microwave their babies! Whose baby is Glover microwaving! AHHHHHH.” Or something similarly rational. All I would say is “So the Mayor gets high, BFD.” It has no impact on his family, him, his job performance, me or anyone else in Shreveport. It’s no different from having a few too many drinks now and then. Let the man relax.

But this isn’t a just world. It’s a world in which the government sends people who enjoy marijuana to jail. Glover, as Mayor, has a big role to play in that process. Which means, if he smoked pot, he would be doing something for which his city’s police are arresting other people. Yet he hasn’t done anything to change it. If he smokes pot, he must know how unjust that is. That he has done nothing to change it is why, if this turns out to be true, I would be extremely upset with the Mayor.

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