I’m Not Voting

Reason One: It’s a waste of time. The effort it would take to fully inform myself about each race and then drive to the poll to vote far outweighs the inconsequential weight of my vote.

Reason Two: I can’t stand David Vitter or John Fleming. But both will win in landslides, making my vote even more worthless.

Reason Three: I have no preference in the other big local election, that for mayor of Shreveport.

Reason Four: It’s raining.

The only contrary reason is my immense disappointment in Obama. I’d kind of like to go vote straight Republican as a way to say “F-You” for his failure on state’s secrets, extraordinary rendition, the drug war, and equality for gays.

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4 Comments on “I’m Not Voting”

  1. Jim Says:

    No one should vote if they don’t believe in what they are voting for. I’ve done that in past elections. I’ve heard the mantra “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain”. The hell I can’t.

  2. Greenshirt Says:

    It seems like the real choices come about during the party nomination processes.

  3. raviner Says:

    I went to go vote, but the line was so long – they told us it was a 90 minute wait – that I said screw it and left. I don’t care enough to wait that long. I only care enough for maybe 20-30 minutes. My laziness outweighs my political convictions this time around.

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