Cam Newton Channels Mark McGwire

Weak sauce in response to allegations he left his first school after stealing one student’s laptop and another’s research paper:

“I’m not going to entertain something that happened, not three months ago, or six months ago, but two years ago,” Newton said of the cheating allegations. “I’m not going to stand up here and say whether I did or did not do it. I don’t want to beat a dead horse. It’s not going to affect me in any way, shape or form.

McGwire, of course, said the same thing to Congress about allegations he used steroids. McGwire’s statements were pathetic at the time, only to become more so when he later admitted his steroid use. Newton’s are pathetic now. We’ll see about the future.


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6 Comments on “Cam Newton Channels Mark McGwire”

  1. John Peyton Says:

    By playing the middle, Newton like McGwire thinks we will pass him off as not having done it. Never mind, can’t believe I even used the words Newton, McGwire and think in the same sentence. All the guilty parties just deny, deny, deny, but these two are different. Bet he wishes they weren’t undefeated and he wasn’t the front runner for the Heisman. All this would have never come out.

  2. ttownfeen Says:

    I don’t see the similarity. Newton had to leave school (he “saved face” by doing it of his volition, but the end effect was the same) and pay his dues in community college. I say this as an Alabama fan.

    What penance has McGwire real penance had have to pay?

    • Wheeler Says:

      nothing but his reputation. but that’s pretty big; so far he’s missed out on the hall.

      and i don’t know if what newton did is paying dues. especially since he won’t admit (or even deny) his wrongdoing. if he admitted it and begged forgiveness, i’d feel much differently.

      • ttownfeen Says:

        (I’m not sure what happened in that last sentence. Proofreading is fundamental, kids.)

        I don’t know if Newton has to ask forgiveness from anybody but the student whose paper he tried to steal and himself/his family. Certainly, he owes nothing to strangers such as you and I.

  3. KC Says:

    under Fla and fed law, his academic records should be private….wonder how that got released?

  4. wheeler Says:

    i wondered the same thing. i saw a story today in which urban myer defended himself and his staff from that charge. could have been the prof, or one of the student victims, or, i’m sure, any number of people.

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