Right, And My World Geography Text Puts Too Much Credibility In The Theory Of A Round Eath

Ugh, the stupid, it hurts:

Some proposed high school biology textbooks are under fire because critics say they put too much credibility in the theory of evolution, officials said Monday.

A state panel is set to review the issue Friday after Louisiana’s top school board last month delayed action on the textbooks amid questions.

Critics contend some biology I, biology II and other school books under scrutiny  for public classrooms put too much credence in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Note the criticism comes from the Louisiana Family Forum, a gay bashing socially conservative religious group, and not any kind of scientific organization. Note also the proposed addition to the text is not another scientific theory, but the new creationism: Intelligent Design.

This crap bugs me. Evolution is the scientific explanation of how life became what it is today. Any serious faith ought to be able to deal with that. If it can’t, well, faith that exists in denial of reality ain’t much of a faith. And in any event, religious theories of life have no business in public schools, especially in science classes. Teach it at home.

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