For Once, Regional NFL Coverage Didn’t Suck

I hate, hate, hate when we get stuck watching the Texans. There are no Texans fans anywhere outside Houston, if even there. Why the networks think anyone in North Louisiana would rather watch them than the national game is beyond me. So, normally, I skip the NFL when we’re stuck with regional coverage.

This week, however, we had a complicating factor – Gus Johnson was calling the game. Bill Simmons, writing for ESPN last week about today’s Houston-Jacksonville game, explains:

The Law of Gus Johnson is sweeping the nation: He’s called four straight weeks of games that were genuinely exciting (Jets-Lions, Bills-Chiefs, Bengals-Falcons, Chiefs-Texans) and this battle between two David Lee teams (all offense, no defense) looks like No. 5.

I keep mentioning the Law of Gus without ever really defining it, so let’s do it right now. If Gus Johnson is calling an NFL game, the odds quintuple that (A) the lead will change hands in the fourth quarter; (B) someone will complete a long pass in a big moment that will make Gus’ voice hit an octave only dogs can hear; and (C) the game will go into overtime or at least come damned close. It seems impossible that the mere presence of an announcer would alter the course of the game, but here’s my theory: I think God sits in his Man Cave on Sundays and says, “Which game is that Gus Johnson calling? I get a kick out of that guy. I think I’ll make his game exciting and see if he completely loses his mind.”

Taking the law to heart, I watched. The outcome? Check, check and check. The final play was one of the most ridiculous events I’ve ever seen, and yes, my dog howled at Gus’ call.

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