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Taking A Break

November 12, 2009

Maybe for good; if so, I’ll post an official goodbye. For now I need a week or so to make up my mind.

I’m Still Here

March 29, 2009

Sorry for not posting last week. I had a head cold and felt like crap. Plus, even without the cold, it was a truly horrendous week. Lots of last-minute-before-statewide-tests garbage at work, plus rain, plus no rides equals a really bad five days.

The next two weeks promise to be equally awful at work, filled as they are with testing and all the silliness (pep rallies, academic olympics, meetings, meetings, meetings) associated with them. But I won’t let it keep me from posting. Be forewarned, though: I will be doing a lot of pissing and moaning for the next fortnight.

I’m Finally Back

December 12, 2008

And in honor of my POS Apple being out of the shop, the funniest Simpsons clip ever:

I Almost Made It

October 1, 2008

I posted every day but one in September. Since missing almost a month while we were out of town last summer, I’ve made a more conscious effort to keep up the blog. So I’m excited to have hit 29 out of 30 days.

I’ll never be as prolific with this one as with the old blog. Mostly because I no longer spend the majority of my day in front of a computer. Used to be, if I saw something interesting in the news, I just logged on and five minutes later had a post up. Now I have to wait until I go home and have few spare minutes, or else post in the morning while eating breakfast. Still, I think I’ve found a routine that works.

Also, I doubt this blog will ever be as good as the Alablawg. That one had a semi-useful purpose, covering Alabama legal issues. It also had a niche audience, Alabama attorneys. This one is mostly a typical collection of self absorbed posts and half informed opinions. I have no idea what type of person would read it. Not surprisingly, many more people read the old one. I doubt I’ll get any calls from reporters who read this one, either.

Still, I like it. As did the other one, it lets me vent. I can still pretend to be writer. Its a creative outlet. The more frequent personal stuff keeps out of town family and friends informed. All in all, not a bad hobby.

“Damn The [Gas Prices]”

May 21, 2008

Tomorrow we’re going full speed ahead with our cross country trip. First stop, southwestern Virginia. Second stop, northeast Pennsylvania. Third stop, the Jersey Shore. Finally, southwest Virginia again and then back home sometime in mid-June.

Because I’m not sure two of those stops include indoor plumbing, much less internet access, this means a nearly month long hiatus for the NorLa Blog. ‘Till then . . .


March 19, 2008

Tomorrow we leave for Florida for a week or so. The folks we’re visiting don’t have internets at their house (how do they live?). Hence, no posts until late next week, maybe even next weekend.

Let me leave you with pics from the first spring at our new house.

This is the only azalea in full bloom. We have several others whose blooms, I’m afraid, will peak while we’re out of town.

Here’s some of the others, which, as you can see, are not yet in bloom.

The dogwood.

Another view.

The magnolia’s not blooming, but this is even prettier.

Brother’s o.k., too.

Two Years

February 17, 2008

That’s how long I’ve been blogging, not on this blog, which is only about nine months old, but overall. Here’s my first week of posts, and here’s the posts from the week around the first anniversary, if anyone cares.

I’m kind of surprised I’ve stuck with it this long.

Here I am.

November 29, 2007

Wheeler has been after me for several weeks to get my first post written and published. So, I thought I’d start with a little background information.

I was a teacher before I had my babies. I only taught for a year before they came along, but in that time I managed to teach in the two most opposite situations there could possibly be. First, I was at Parker High School, an inner-city school that had little money and fewer resources. Just to give you an idea of our “resources” (or lack thereof), we had to bring our own toilet paper and make our own copies outside the school (paid for with our own money). My classes had between 30 and 35 kids, but I only had about 25 desks. In spite of all that, I loved teaching there. Once I got past the typical teen attitudes, the kids and I got along great. I felt like my classroom was a semi-sanctuary within the otherwise ugly, dirty, sometimes scary world that was these kids’ lives. I felt really terrible for leaving, and I would have stayed if it weren’t for the principal. He was absolutely terrible. I shouldn’t say that. He was never there, so he might have been a genius. However no teacher will ever know if that’s true because they’re too busy doing their job plus all the administrative tasks that don’t get done in the office. Anyway, I’m not writing to complain about Parker. I just want to set up the difference between there and my next job. Oh, my favorite part about being at Parker was that I was known as “that white lady.” (That’s much better than what Wheeler wanted me to be known as on this blog – “Big Momma”.)

From Parker, I moved to Hoover High School, a fairly wealthy suburb south of Birmingham. If you’ve ever seen MTV’s Two-A-Days, that’s the school. Not to mention that my classes were vastly different (I was going from teaching 9th grade world history to 12th grade AP Economics), but the facility was amazing. My classroom was huge. Not only did we have a teacher’s lounge, but that lounge was actually a nice place to relax and eat lunch. There were private “phone rooms” where teachers could make confidential parent calls. We had a full-time person whose only job was to make copies for all the teachers. The principal was fantastic. In a school with over 200 teachers, she made it a point to remember my name and even invite me to have lunch with her on more than one occasion. So, as you can see, this was a little different than my first job.

Now, I’m still a teacher but only part-time. I work for the Caddo Parish School Board as a Homebound teacher. In this job, I go into students’ homes and teach them assignments that they’re missing because of illness or some other reason. It’s a great way to stay in tune with the world of education while not sacrificing time with my babies. While I love being a teacher, I love being a mom more.

Anyway, I tell you all this, not because I think I’m that important, fascinating, or otherwise worthy of having people read about me. These experiences shape a lot of the way I see the world; hence they will be an important part of many of my future posts. Until then….

Blog Update

November 27, 2007

Needing to spice up the NorLa Blog, I’ve invited a contributor to join. She ought to be posting any day now.


October 30, 2007

It’s been a week since the last post. In that time: 1) We’ve had a special out of town guest at the house; 2) The babies turned one, with all the festivities, and; 3) We bought a house.

Pics will be coming soon.