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MNF: Pats By 14

November 29, 2009

I don’t want it to be true. I hope I’m wrong. I like the Saints; I hate the Patriots. But I have a bad feeling about tomorrow’s BIG GAME. I think the Patriots will jump up big early and then the two teams will trade touchdowns for the rest of the game, leaving the Patriots a sort-of convincing win.

Giants v. Saints, I’m Already Excited.

October 11, 2009

It’s next Sunday and, because the Giants won today, both will be undefeated. It’s my favorite team, from my home state, against my second favorite team, representing my adopted home state. Number one offense against number one defense. But both are excellent on both sides of the ball. Two good coaches. Two stud quarter backs who get the ball to all kinds of playmakers. Both undefeated. I’ll pull for the Giants. I’ll be happy no matter who wins, though.

Right now, I’m going to say Saints by a field goal. The Saints are at home, but they also have more impressive wins this year, giving the Eagles and Jets their only losses. The only team with a winning record the Giants have beaten all year is the Cowboys, but: 1) they aren’t all that good, and; 2) that was close. The Giants last three opponents (Bucs, Chiefs, Raiders) aren’t much better than some high school teams and have a combined record of 1 and 14. The Giants have thrashed all three, as they should have, but still, given the big difference in quality of opponents, I’m going with the Saints.

I’d Be Much More Depressed If I’d Watched The Game

January 11, 2009

I hate the Eagles.

Glad I decided to go for a ride rather than waste a beautiful day watching the second half.

Good Sports News, Bad Sports News

November 18, 2008

Good: Fox Sports – like the website, hate the broadcasts – has dropped out of the bidding for the BCS games after 2009. ESPN in the favorite. That would be a huge improvement in everything from pre-game, to announcers, to camera angles. Now if we could get Fox out of baseball and the NFL, too.

Now for the bad.

As everyone knows, especially if you’re a gambler, Sunday the Steelers beat the Chargers 11-10. On the last play of the game, the Chargers tried a crazy Cal-Stanford type lateral play, only to have Pittsburgh’s safety intercept one of the laterals and return it for a touchdown, to make the score 17-10. Only the officials reviewed the play and – based on a mistaken understanding of a rule – overruled the touchdown, leaving the final at 11-10. To the great displeasure of everyone who had taken the Steelers and four points, the officials admitted after the game that they blew the replay; the touchdown should have counted.

The NFL’s response? Not to get rid of replay, a system that probably results in the same amount of blown calls as there were prior to it. Nope, now they want replays of replays. We’re going to have five hour games before too long.

So Much For The Repeat

August 25, 2008

Two weeks ago, after watching the Giants first string defense beat up on the first string Browns offense, I thought, excitedly, “wow, they may be better than last year.” Eli was great in the playoffs and Super Bowl, but I still do not think he is the kind of quarterback who makes a team better all by himself. Nope, the Giant’s defense is the key to the team. So when they looked that good, I was really happy.

Today, I’m not so happy:

With the retirement of seven-time Pro Bowl defensive end Michael Strahan, the job of repeating as Super Bowl champions was going to be difficult for the New York Giants.

Now it might be near impossible with the news that fellow Pro Bowl defensive end Osi Umenyiora is out for the season with a knee injury.

I didn’t think they’d miss Strahan that much; Justin Tuck is going to be good. Now, though, teams can double Tuck, and the Giants do not really have anyone else to consistently put pressure on the quarterback. And without a consistent rush, the defense falls apart. Pressure is their central feature. Just ask Tom Brady.

Oh well, last year’s Super Bowl was the kind of win that will keep me happy for years. If anyone had asked me before the game how many future non-playoff seasons I would trade for winning that game, I would have said at least a decade’s worth. I’m not changing my mind now. Even if this year stinks, the Giants still won the greatest Super Bowl ever.

“After being Tasered, he was fully compliant,”

February 14, 2008

Well, duh.

Anyway, it looks like Josh Booty – former Evangel football star and older brother of former USC QB John David Booty –  is now officially Uncle Rico.

O.K., Here’s A Some Rational Thoughts About The Super Bowl

February 3, 2008

First, hands down, greatest upset ever. Sure, other teams were bigger underdogs: The Jets in Super Bowl III and the Patriots in 20o1. But in no other game was the matchup so clearly good v. evil. Eli hitting Plaxico was Luke Skywalker blowing up the Death Star, Rocky knocking out Ivan Drago, Jake Taylor sliding safely into first base, G Wash at Yorktown, or, as the title to my earlier post suggested, USA Hockey 4, Soviet Union 3.

Second, I’d say Eli was Montana-esque, or Elway-esque, but he was better. Elway never led a drive like Eli did in a Super Bowl. Montana led the 49’ers on a similar game winning drive in 1988 against the Bengals, but the Niners were supposed to win that game. Eli was a two touchdown underdog needing a touchdown with less than three minutes to go. This was sui generis.

Third, at the end of last year, I was openly rooting for my own team to lose, so that Tom Coughlin would get fired and Eli traded. Now? Not so much.

Fourth, on the subject of pessimism, I was most certain the Giants would lose when I saw the teams enter the field. Brady had the eye of the tiger. Eli looked like he was amazed just to be there. So much for psychoanalysis.

Fifth, I first began to believe the Giants would win after the crazy sequence when they stopped the Pats on third down, only to have twelve men on the field for the punt, giving the Patriots a second chance. When the Giants held again, I though, “Holy s**t, this could really happen.” Immediately after that play, I went to the fridge to get another beer, and almost grabbed a Sam Adams. Then I thought, “Wait, I can’t drink a beer made in Boston. Not now.” In other words, I’d abandoned all pretenses to rationality and become a true fan again. So I grabbed a Turbo Dog. After the game, though, I enjoyed me some Sam Adams. Victory, baby!

Sixth, guy for whom I’m most happy: Michael Strahan. Not only a career long Giant and a hall of fame defender, but one of the few guys in the NFL you can count on responding to interview questions with something other than mindless cliches.

Seventh, how many children born in the New York metro area in the next six months are going to be named Plaxico, Eli, or Tyree?

Eighth, how long was the TD to Buress in the air? And if it seemed like fifteen minutes to me, how long did it seem to Buress?

Ninth, I can not wait to read the next Bill Simmons column. (Background here, and here).

Tenth, how about all those shots of Peyton cheering on Eli? That was awesome.

Eleventh, again, “Do You Believe In Miracles?”

“Do You Believe In Miracles!”

February 3, 2008

F**k Yeah!

Eli is the MAN!

48-24 Patriots

February 1, 2008

That – Giants fan though I be – is my prediction for the game. I’m not even playing mind games with myself, keeping expectations low so as to prevent disappointment. Nor is this a reaction to all the silly “Eli comes of age” columns and commentary that have appeared in the last few weeks. Nope. I honestly think the Giants have no chance. The reason is pretty simple, too.

I keep thinking about 1990, when the Giants were something like 10 point underdogs to the Bills but won the Super Bowl. Or back in 2001 when the Patriots were double digit underdogs when they beat the Rams for their first title. I want to hope. The difference between then and now, though, is that Bill Bellichick was on the underdog’s side in each of those upsets, as the Giants defensive coordinator and then the Pats head coach. Now, of course, he’s the leader of the bad guys.

And that – Bill Bellichick on the Pats sideline – is why I think the Patriots dump the Giants. Yeah, the Giants came thisclose to beating the Patriots on the last weekend of the regular season. But who do you think is more likely to have created something different this time? Tom Coughlin? Or Bill Bellichick?

I’m Not Gay

January 31, 2008

(“Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”). But even I can agree with most of this list of the ten sexiest quarterbacks of all time. No one can dispute that Brett Favre and Tom Brady are two of the hottest guys in the world.

But Tony Romo? I just don’t get it. It isn’t jealousy, like I said, I have no issue with most of the others. Nor is it my dislike of the Cowboys clouding my view of Romo. I don’t like the Patriots, either. Nope, Jessica Simpson or not, to me he looks like Harland Williams, the comedian I’ll always remember as the cop who unknowingly drinks Jeff Daniels’ pee in Dumb & Dumber.

Really, decide for yourself.


And Romo: