Hey! I’ve Read One Of The NYT’s 100 Notable Books Of 2010

I’m not surprised. Most of my reading is of books from the library, which is hardly a cutting edge collection. When I do buy books, they’re either used, or trade paperbacks, or both. Again, not a good way to be on top of new releases.

Anyway, the one I have read, Solar, by Ian McEwan, was notable to me for starring one of the most irredeemable characters I’ve ever encountered. As the Times summarizes:

In McEwan’s funniest novel yet, a self-deluding physicist cheats on his wives, sends an innocent man to jail and tries to cash in on another scientist’s plans against global warming.

That’s not even the worst of him.

Here’s the whole list. If I could remember half the stuff I’ve read this year, I would do a post on the most notable ones. Maybe I will, even though I’ve forgotten half. I mean, if I forgot them, they probably didn’t belong on the list in the first place, right?


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