At Least They Didn’t Have Sex With Them

I’m certainly no teetotaller, but even I have limits. This is insane:

Two teachers face charges related to an April 19 party in Bossier City at which minors were allowed to drink alcohol.

Byrd High School teacher Leanne Marie Burt was arrested Tuesday on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and letting a disorderly place.

Airline High School teacher Tricia Cooney, 35, was cited for improper supervision of a minor for allegedly bringing her 13-year-old child to the party.

Bossier City police say Burt held a party at her house, located at the 2300 block of Melrose Ave. in Bossier City, on April 19.

Bossier City Police Chief Mike Halphen said in a press conference today that 10 to 15 Airline students or former students, ages 16 to 20, attended a party at Burt’s residence. The minors brought their own beer, and Burt provided them with liquor.

Burt also played the drinking card game, “Waterfalling,” with the minors, Halphen said.

Hmm, that should mean two job openings at pretty good schools. Hope they were social studies teachers.

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3 Comments on “At Least They Didn’t Have Sex With Them”

  1. Hot Momma Says:

    Why would you want to hang out with your students outside of the classroom?? That’s the truly insane part of this story to me.
    Oh, and Burt was Geometry and Cooney was English. Sorry 😦

  2. walt moffett Says:

    Just another sign that the distance between adult and child is narrowing. Trying to imagine 35 years ago, trading shots with my really cool World History history teacher. Sorry, just wasn’t gonna happen.

    In ancient times, we had an ethics course where among other things, realized after hours contacts with clients should be either incidential or an emergency. Are modern teachers taught such things anymore?

  3. […] really funny is this comment by a cop’s pissy wife to yesterday’s Times story about the teachers getting drunk with students: What SCUM, just like a teacher!!!! You are seeing news stories almost weekly about teachers have […]

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