Jim Calhoun Is A Man

I meant to post about this yesterday:

Jim Calhoun has been released from the hospital.

The UConn coach told FOXSports.com that he broke six ribs in a fall well into a 50-mile bike race for charity when he hit a pothole.

Calhoun finished the 50-mile Jim Calhoun Cancer Challenge Ride, spoke to the media following the race and collapsed shortly thereafter.

“I went flying,” the 67-year-old Huskies coach said in recalling the accident. “I was going downhill and never saw the pothole. I did a job on my ribs, but I finished the race.”

That is awesome. I cracked a rib once. Standing still, I never felt it. Sitting up, or breathing too hard, or running or anything else, though, sent pain shooting through me. So to have six of them and still finish the ride? Stupendous.

As one of the most successful coaches in college basketball history, I’m sure he already gets plenty of respect from his players. This won’t hurt.

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One Comment on “Jim Calhoun Is A Man”

  1. KC Says:

    cracked ribs in a fall training for a marathon one year….the worst thing was sneezing…you knew how bad it was going to hurt…for him to finish is unbelievable…

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