Friday Was Bike To Work Day

Oops. I didn’t realize it was yet another manufactured and pointless “day.”

Not that I’d have done anything different. I live over forty miles from my school. I could still ride that to school, though I would smell pretty bad (but not as bad as some students). The problem isn’t the distance, it’s the route: thirty miles of highway one. Two words: Boring and deadly. I joke that on my drive, once I turn out of my neighborhood, I could fall asleep and not crash until the turn to my school. There’s no hills, no curves, no nothing. Riding it on a bike would have all the excitement of two hours on the trainer. Well, there probably would be some excitement. All those big ass trucks rumbling towards the oil and gas fields would provide that.

I did ride yesterday, even if it wasn’t to work and even if it wasn’t in celebration of bike to work day. In fact, I biked before work, which is even better because it meant I arrived at work an hour and a half late. Having a great ride, a shower and a good breakfast followed by an abbreviated work day is much better than riding to work, anyway.

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